Nokia Lumia 520 Disassembly & Assembly – Touch Screen Replacement Guide How to Repair A Cracked Lumia 520 Screen

Nokia Lumia 1520 to participate in seeking to buy , there is an ideal opportunity prices for this product !
Nokia National Delivery 010-56292203
About RM
RM-937 is the international version includes ( Asia-Pacific , Hong Kong, Europe, Africa , etc. )
RM-939 Unicom version of the National Bank
RM-940 for the U.S. ATT version ( this version only this one , but not others , in conjunction with the above two editions each brush )
Precautions before Brush
Brush before you need to know
Brush must be guaranteed before the phone more than 80 % of the electricity , the process to ensure that the brush will not cause power outages may occur into bricks
1, mobile phone must be turned off from the beginning – to be carried out step 7 tutorial quickly when connected to a computer and then to the volume down + power button after shock
2 , mobile phones do not connect a computer – to be carried to the tutorial step 7 then when connected to a computer
3, the PC shut down anti-virus software and firewalls.
4 , this tutorial is strong brush tutorial mode under Refurbish normal brush is not feasible ; only select Recovery mode strong brush , no need to modify CODE!
5 , NCS Brush tool if not properly installed , please download management authority rar ( size 1k, Downloads: 28 ) . Unpacked click the installer to import the registry , right-click the brush file as an administrator to install it. In addition , the individual components of the system may be missing , please download vcredist_x86.rar ( size 2712k, Downloads: 24 ) After extracting installer VCREDI ~ 3.EXE, if not possible , please VCREDI ~ 3.EXE then unzip the file once installed vcredist.msi.
6 , the opportunity to clear the brush all the current information phone ( software list , the list of games , game progress , system settings , photos, videos , music, etc. ) , you can transfer photos, videos, music these backups to your computer , phone book, text messages and custom Weather Microsoft account can log on the system after the first boot automatically be restored.
See this tutorial backup and restore

OEM Brand New Assembly LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Glass Nokia Lumia 1520

7 , brush to the National Bank Note from the international version version , do not update again international versions additional information , please locale China region before the update.
8 , if the brush encountered problems, you can try a change USB port then try to brush machine operation , in addition, try not to use USB3.0 interface , move to a USB2.0 interface.
After September , the next good firmware update with NCS point start, a dialog box appears Recovery Failed! InvalidResponse from device, incorrect message id in the update requires the restart when you first connect the data cable before the point START, then press and hold the power button to let the phone off , China Unicom symbol appears when the automatic restart of the process and then point to start no problem.
10 , if it is a desktop , try using a USB port behind the chassis , because using the front USB interface can be caused by insufficient power supply voltage instability or brush machine failure.
11, if you install the Brush tool , open the prompt An error hasoccurrde while attempting to run application Product Support Tool For Store 5.0: No application is associated with this operation associated with the specified file , go to C: \ Program Files \ Nokia \ Nokia Care Suite \ Product Support Tool For Store
The difference between the various versions of the firmware
State Bank Unicom version 1520-RM-939
There Unicom boot LOGO, support stranger calls attribution show , compared to the international version of the library is not the latest , no static IP functionality.
International Hong Kong version of the 1520-RM-937
Boot no Unicom LOGO, do not support the stranger calls attribution show map library is the latest version of the National Bank , compared with no static IP functionality.
Vietnam International Edition 1520-RM-937
Boot no Unicom LOGO, do not support the stranger calls attribution show map library is the latest version of the National Bank , compared with a static IP functionality
Brush tool download
NCS: Click to download ( this is the official Brush tool )
After downloading , please install it according to the default path.
Each version of the firmware download
State Bank Unicom 1520 firmware : Click to download
Vietnam 1520 Firmware: Click to download
1 , do not care for the firmware brush color, brush machine functions are the same , so this does not have to care.
2 , at this stage Nokia WP8 device does not exist a third party firmware , so whether it is Microsoft or Nokia server push firmware download firmware after both official firmware , customer service is a tube Brush warranty , is not affected, so you can rest assured that ( If your warranty has expired it is another matter )
3 , then just make sure you brush the network flow , is not affecting your software and firmware upgrade later push .
Firmware placed path
The firmware has been generated self-extracting patterns , WIN7 and WIN8 user can direct the self-extracting default path
XP users unzip to C: \ folder under Documents and Settings \ All Users \ ApplicationData \ Nokia \ Packages \ Products \ RM-939 (RM-937) file
Note: No Products \ RM-939 (RM-937) in this folder , please self , programdata folder attributes to hidden
Brush Step one
Open Desktop Launch Nokia Care Suite

Brush Step Two
Then select the product support tool for store 5.0 Double-click to open

Brush Step Three
In the pop-up window, click workoffline login ( without having to enter the account number and password )

Brush Step Four
Open the top left corner FILE tab, select open product, enter 1520 in a new pop-up window
If the Hong Kong Bank and the State Bank of Vietnam brush firmware , select RM-939
If the State Bank of Vietnam and Hong Kong Bank firmware brush firmware , select RM-937

Brush Step Five
Then select the lower left corner of Programming, select Recovery point after opening .
Brush Step Six
Click the pop-up window after START

Brush Step Seven
In the following pop-up window when the phone side for volume reduction + long press the power button , insert the vibration felt immediately after the data cable to the computer , click on the window Retry.
Press and hold the volume down or pressing the power button , after pressing the volume down to feel the vibrations continue to release the power button , and link the computer , and then press the Retry button.

Brush Step Eight
The following two pop-up window
Direct point OK, Brush began , the phone screen began to enter into the brush mode.
Focus reminder : Go to Brush mode, please do not leave your computer , but do not move the computer , do not move any more buttons on the phone and data lines , until the completion of the progress bar Brush

Brush a successful backup.

OEM Brand New Assembly LCD Display Screen Touch Digitizer Glass Nokia Lumia 1520


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