HTC One M7/801e 801s Brush 4.4.2ROM (GE-KOT49H.H1) pure intact root

For HTC One 801e 801s 801n 802e M7 Camouflage Commuter Defender Case Cover & Belt-Clip Tri-Proof Otterbox

2014-1-5 19:56:15 Source : anzowcom Author : Hits: 1066

ROM name GE-KOT49H.H1 | 4.4.2 | Full root | pure | more optimization | stable | activate logo menu
ROM makers : by nic_ Snow White @ ATX Team
Android version Android4.4.2 ROM
sense version none
Based version KOT49H.H1
Fit for HTC One M7 | 801 series single card through the brush Edition
Published 2014.01.05
Brush Pack Size 420MB
Special Statement
The ROM produced by the original author , the site is only reproduced without modifying any code.

4.4.2 Based on the latest official optimize production, activation logo menu
801 Series soff tutorial :

801e/801s/801n other single card models through the brush ( including State Bank Unicom single card machine )

1 corresponds to the ROM 801 series single card , dual card machines do not brush.
(2) into the developer options : Set – About – Software Information – more – internal version number – Fury points five times !
3 Brush risk , back before the brush.

ROM Download:
360 network disk :
Baidu network disk :
Expand the network disk ( is ROM Brush Pack )

ROM Description:
1.801e/801s/801n through brush and other single card models (including the State Bank Unicom single card machine )
2 intact root privileges
3 qualify for the official version 4.4.2
4 time zones localized language
5 . Streamline the operating system does not meet the conditions of use of Google
6 streamlining bookmarks , other countries , such as the operating system language input method wastes
7 qualify for use of the Bulletproof-11.0 kernel , acquiesced logo can be used to open the menu , double-click on the next screen half wake , wake slide , slide lock screen and so on.
8 remove three menus (LOGO also changed the menu )
9 . Added ING mall ,, RE controllers, etc. Useful Software
10. Added a Google service , but do some streamlining , streamlining some useless APK out ( big oil needs some procedures should save Google services )
11 program will be useful to some data partitions can be used to uninstall , obsessive self- unloading students can
12 Disable kernel to see some problem areas
13 Disable bytecode verification
14.init.d boot scripts to use
15. Added zipalign new script
16. Using the latest sdk be Zipaligned
17. Merger Odex
18. Updated hosts
19 Other details of the optimization of your own experience of discovery
20 acquiescence lock screen is blank , 4.4 is so set – Security – lock screen settings selected original lock screen
21.ART Do not open the form , the screen can not be stuck into the operating system. However, to find any reason smecta . May be replaced kernel logo menu links .
Part of the system functions screenshot:

Brush recommend simple software! Brush one key, one key root, one key to unlock the brush into Recovery
Software download and use methods to enter:

Dual-Proof Otterbox Commuter Defender Case Cover For HTC One 801e 801s 801n 802e M7


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